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What the long run holds for authorized merchandise

When law firms make products, they do it largely to offer their expertise without the traditional hassle or assistance required – by selling a document directly, rather than creating and advising a document, for example.

Many attorneys are just beginning to take this approach and the possibilities beyond documents are only expanding.

In this edition of the non-eventcast, host Jared Correia talks to Sankeetha Selvarajah of Selvarajah PC about how legal products can be used for different types of customers.

Read on for this excerpt (edited slightly for length and clarity) where Jared and Sankeetha discuss what the future might be for the development of new legal products.

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Jared: What do you think are alternative ideas for selling products in a law firm? And what do you think people will start selling in the future?

Sankeetha: So I started, and I’ve seen other people do this too, where I offer a “VIP Day” where we can actually go through all of their concerns in one day.

And then we address it either through an attorney or through a supplementary document that applies to that particular type of situation.

[For example]This is a growing company but they want to expand but have a lot of different problems and just want to make sure all of their ducks are in a row. So let’s sit down with them and go through it all. And that’s a service and a product together.

Jared: Kind of like a hybrid that’s really smart.

Sankeetha: I’ve seen some people do this on a “Legal in a Week” or a “VIP Day” or something similar where they are very time sensitive or really don’t want to deal with Legal for more than a day or a week. They just want to get it out of the way.

Jared: That’s a good idea. So you see that you are working in your environment where you deal with business customers, but this can work in any number of other environments.

Sankeetha: It could. And if I had to extrapolate that, I wouldn’t go so far as to say “divorce in a day” or something like that, but maybe something more formulaic, maybe “will in a day” or “trust in a day”, “or” trust in a week. “There would be reservations and follow-up to this ‘day’, quote unquote, but the idea is that most of the work will be done in that particular period of time.

Jared: Yes. So you might be using estate planning as an example, right? Like estate planning documents, you can also generate these online. People met in parking lots during the pandemic and signed so – that could theoretically happen in a day if it had to.

Sankeetha: I have a close friend who is an estate planning attorney. I spoke to her about some of these things.

Basically, the customer would start the background work by finding and filling in the answers. Then we have a basic shape to begin with, and then the adjustment could be made on that day.

We did it, when a customer buys five documents, we give them a complementary hour of consultation where we sit down and go through all of the documents together to make sure they are complementary and not conflicting with one another.

Jared: Law. And I deviated a bit from the script here, so forgive me. But why you chose this route was related to the fact that in some cases legal services have become commodities a little more now than 20 years ago in terms of document creation?

Sankeetha: So I had this idea five years ago and I didn’t have the technology. And then I looked all the time. It was only the last year and a half that I found the right technology.


Production in legal – 1:44
The difference between services and products – 2:01
Alternative Ideas for Selling Products – 5:17
Use Estate Planning Papers – 7:01 am
Make sure customers are happy – 9:22
A whole experience for the customer – 10:13
Set expectations – 14:21
There is nothing wrong with bringing a product to market – 4:08 pm

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