“Values ​​don’t match”: lawyer for the election fee quits – NDTV

Mohit D Ram’s resignation comes after the electoral commission fought a case in the Supreme Court.

New Delhi:

One of the lawyers on the Advisory Board of the Election Commission for the Supreme Court has resigned, saying his values ​​are currently inconsistent with the Election Board.

Mohit D Ram, who has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Electoral Commission since 2013, said in his resignation letter: “I have found that my values ​​are inconsistent with the current functioning of the ECI and so I am withdrawing from the responsibility of his panel Counsel before the Supreme Court of India. “

He described representing the electoral commission as “a valuable milestone” in his career.

Mr Ram’s resignation comes after the Electoral Commission challenged a case in the Supreme Court demanding that the media stop reporting judicial remarks. The electoral commission’s objection concerned the Madras High Court, which recently commented that the electoral board was solely responsible for the rise in Covid and “should be booked for murder” for failing to stop campaigning in the past two months. The comment was not in final order.

The electoral commission turned to the Supreme Court against what it called “blatantly derogatory remarks” that had tarnished its image.

The Supreme Court said constitutional authorities could do better than complaining and asking about shackles in the media.

“Article 19 not only grants people the right to freedom of expression, it also gives that right to the media. It would be retrograde if the Supreme Court strangled the media,” the Supreme Court said.

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