Torchys Tacos Sues After Clients Signal Salmonella Contracts

Torchy Tacos recently found itself in litigation after a customer contracted salmonella.

A lawsuit was filed against a Torchy tacos restaurant earlier this week after a young customer contracted salmonella while eating contaminated onions. The lawsuit was brought by the child’s mother, Ching-yi Ortiz. Unfortunately, shortly after the child became infected with salmonella, the child had to be hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

A microscopic view of salmonella; Image courtesy of the CDC,

According to the lawsuit, the boy and his family visited Torchys Tacos on August 21, 2021. In addition to Torchys, the parent company Success Foods Management Group LLC and ProSource Produce LLC were also named as defendants in the lawsuit. The family is demanding compensation to “cover medical costs, pain and suffering, psychological distress, physical impairment and more”.

In the lawsuit, the child’s family alleged “that the child suffered from exhaustion and headaches six days after eating in the restaurant”. The child’s symptoms persisted “for the next 10 days after developing fever, diarrhea and severe lower back pain”. On September 7th, the child’s condition worsened until, according to the complaint, he was “in so much pain that he could neither walk nor sit.” As a result, he was admitted to the Methodist Children’s Hospital and treated for salmonella complications.

The lawsuit goes on to say:

“The infection caused (the child) sepsis, organ failure, pneumonia, acidosis, thrombocytopenia, pericardial effusion, interstitial emphysema, and caused (the child) extreme pain when they reached the bones around his sacroiliac joint.”

It’s important to note that on October 22nd, the CDC issued a food safety warning for the onions that made the child sick from Chihuahua, Mexico. ”These onions were sold and distributed to restaurants and grocery stores across the country, including Torchy’s, according to the lawsuit.

As part of the food safety alert, “Companies that received the onions were asked by the CDC to inspect and discard storage coolers on the onions, and to wash and disinfect any surfaces that the onions may have come into contact with.”

Commenting on the lawsuit, Torchy made the following statement:

“This week we learned that we were being sued over the allegation that a guest ate food from our Sonterra San Antonio restaurant on August 21 and fell ill a week later. This October lawsuit was the first notification we received of this claim.

At Torchy’s, our number one priority is to provide safe and delicious food for our guests. We take this claim very seriously and have hired nationally recognized food safety experts to monitor our food supplies in August to see if they can find a link between the foods served at the time and this claim.

We can report that our Sonterra location has a consistent record of excellent health inspections, including a 100-point routine inspection by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District not until October 8, 2021.

Our thoughts go out to this guest and his family and we hope for a further recovery. As soon as we have more information, we will share it. “


The San Antonio family files lawsuit against Torchys Tacos after a child was hospitalized for salmonella, a report said

Lawsuit against Torchys Tacos, an onion supplier, after a child in San Antonio developed salmonella

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