The legislation agency Bell information a lawsuit towards MAK anesthesia for misconduct

Routine procedures result in a fire that causes severe burns to the 10-year-old girl’s face.

Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm confirms filing of a medical negligence and liability lawsuit in Cobb County against MAK Anesthesia and other defendants.

During a routine outpatient procedure to remove a tiny benign lesion from the 10-year-old’s eyelid, anesthetist Dr. Sheel Todd does not reduce and purify the oxygen-rich air in the operating field. This mistake resulted in a fire breaking out over her face when the surgeon turned on an electric cautery. As a result, she suffered severe burns and had a skin graft. She has received and continues to receive PTSD therapy and is awaiting additional surgery.

The lawsuit says the young girl had received a diagnosis of squamous cell papilloma, a benign neoplasm on her eyelid. As a common condition with a high success rate in removal operations, the girl’s doctor recommended the lesion removal procedure.

In September 2019, the young girl underwent the routine lesion removal procedure. Due to her age and the location of the lesion near her eye, the procedure took place in the main operating room, as opposed to a doctor’s office. During the procedure, Dr. Todd intravenously gas and propofol to help her fall asleep. The surgeon elevated the lesion and completely removed the lesion with medical scissors. The lawsuit states that this is precisely the moment when a routine trial became eventful and tragic.

After seeing some vigorous bleeding, the surgeon used a hand cautery to cauterize the wound. A spark from the cautery started a fire caused by an O2 leak around the mask that they did not detect. Before it was put out, the fire severely burned the girl’s face.

After the operation, the surgeon and Dr. Todd to the girl’s parents for “what happened to her”. The suit states that the two doctors were trying to downplay the girl’s burns, saying that they were not first degree burns and that there was no need to take her to an emergency room.

The girl was eventually admitted to WellStar Cobb Hospital with seven significant second degree burns in multiple locations of the head, face and neck covering surfaces up to 8 x 5 centimeters. There a doctor told the girl’s parents that her burns were much worse than the surgeon’s and Dr. Todd stated. The WellStar doctor performed a successful transplant on her head, but due to the fire, she still suffers from large, visible burns on her face and skin graft scars.

It is the role of the anesthetist in monitoring and controlling oxygen levels that is critical in preventing fires in the operating room. According to the official complaint, Dr. In addition to being negligent, Todd tried to alter his oxygen records to avoid blaming the fire.

Today, more than a year later, the family filed a lawsuit to bring to justice those who permanently burned and mutilated a young girl’s face through gross medical neglect.

“No child should ever change their life so profoundly through the negligence of a doctor,” says Lloyd Bell. “For this young girl, the scars of medical negligence will be worn for a lifetime. To do this, we need to hold those responsible to account to ensure that this never happens again. “

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