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Supreme Nothing – See additionally

yawning: The Supreme Court Reform Commission is coming back with … not much.

Interesting timing: By sheer coincidence, the commission report, unable to determine whether there might be a legitimacy problem with a lifelong high priesthood in a Supreme Court, released its findings just in time for Clarence Thomas to celebrate 30 years in court.

Critical Racial Theory … Where the REAL money is: Wingnuts believe Merrick Garland is using the DOJ to get rich through critical racial theory or something.

Don’t envy the company’s PR team: Mayer Brown helped China crack down on Hong Kong. Yes.

There is no free lunch. All the same: Kirkland & Ellis brings people back to the office, but at least they get free breakfast and lunch.

The Emperor has no cybersecurity: Missouri threatens a journalist to “notice things in the first degree” after discovering the state accidentally published the Social Security numbers of a number of teachers.

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