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Statistics of the week: The pandemic hit Solos

It’s no secret that solos face unique business challenges in adapting to pandemic legal practice.

A recent study confirms this and shows that solo practitioners have had the greatest success with both income and new cases.

The Legal trends for sole proprietorships Clio’s report found that in Spring and Fall 2020, up to 66% of solos were concerned about the success of their legal practice.

Solos saw larger drops in new cases and revenue compared to larger companies, the report said.

As described on the LawSites blogThe report also examines how the technology has helped offset those lost sales:

But even as Solos suffered in the first few months of the pandemic, those who used certain key technologies were able to not only mitigate those initial effects, but also speed their recovery, resulting in these tech-breaking solos earning an average of $ 50,000 more in revenue than other solos. “

Read on below.

Pandemic hit solos hardest, but tech users fared better, the Clio study finds [Lawsites]
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