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SALTING The Earth: The hedge fund celebration strikes to abandoned, abandoned Manhattan

We’re not sure you heard it, but times are tough here in the Big Apple. We are told that en masse people and companies are fleeing to Florida or the suburbs. The offices that power the global engine of capitalism are half empty at best and can stay that way forever (unless you work for Facebook or Goldman Sachs anyway). High-end homes sell for a dime; Why, you can barely get $ 50 million on the luxurious townhouses of infamous pedophiles while smaller empty shells cost three times as much in that other failing financial hub, London.

Anthony Scaramucci knows the pain of the city. After all, he owns a restaurant here, and what better way to illustrate New York’s suffering than its mostly empty, stuttering, shell-like restaurants? But the mooch? He’s just an irrepressible optimist no matter the situation. And he’s certain his half-adopted hometown will bounce back, and he has just the thing to make it through this spring: a hedge fund party nobody wants to go to.

The organizers chose to host the 2021 flagship event in New York City to fuel local revitalization efforts and reduce business travel for their delegates. By moving the conference from its regular date in May to September, the organizers of SALT are optimistic and the test functions enable a face-to-face meeting. “We are excited to bring the SALT experience to New York City for the first time,” said Anthony Scaramucci, chairman of SALT and managing partner of SkyBridge. “Our community is keen to return to face-to-face events and we hope to give New York a boost as it recovers from the pandemic.”

That’s right: you can go straight from vaccinating at the Javits Center to hobnobbing, well, I think we’ll see if anyone.

SALT will continue to consult with public health officials and exceed all federal and state guidelines to ensure a safe environment for delegates who choose to attend in person. The extension of the Javits Center will have a number of advanced security protocols, including plumbing stations, new highly efficient particle filters (HEPA quality) and CO2 sensors to adjust ventilation rates to occupancy. SALT is reviewing partnerships to ensure that all attendees test a negative COVID-19 test before participating.

See you all at the Hunt and Fish Club after party.

SALT returns with the flagship event debut in New York in 2021 [press release]Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse is slated to sell for around $ 50 million [Mansion Global]Hedge fund boss sees $ 153 million in London’s Fixer-Upper Penthouse [Bloomberg]

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