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Public Defender receives six numbers of loans granted to lawyers

I’ve been trying to do this for 10 years. I only know one other person who actually got it. I always secretly believed that in my time I wasn’t going to get it. Although I was pretty sure that I had done everything right. That’s why I posted it on Twitter. It is good that people know it is difficult, but they also need to know that it is possible. There is hope.

– Jessica Buck, a 2010 graduate of Wake Forest University School of Law who has served as a defense attorney in Danville, Kentucky for a decade, comments on the forgiveness of her $ 275,000 loan balance under the public loan program of the Government. She is one of the first female lawyers to take full advantage of this program. How could she do that? “You have to be your own lawyer. You have to be your own record holder, ”she said.

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