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Lawyers working for Armor Home have demanded that their former distributor, Indi Imports, no longer advertise “cheap” Q Acoustic speakers on their sister company Rio Sound and Vision’s website.

Welner Lawyers, who work for Armor Home Electronics, the UK manufacturer of the Q Acoustic brand, are also the lawyers working for Busisoft AV, the current distributor of Armor Home products, appointed after Indi Imports due to Indi Imports stopped selling the Q Acoustic brand and had problems with the offer.

Armor Home claims that Rio Sound & Vision was not supplied with stock and therefore is unable to advertise stock on their website.

Paul Riachi, CEO of Indi Imports and owner of Rio Sound & Vision, claims he still has inventory of Q Acoustic products and will respond to claims that he is unable to sell Armor private labels.

“We have a Q Acoustic product that was supplied by Armor Home when we were the distributor. We will follow up on this issue. “

ChannelNews believes that Busisoft-supplied retailers have complained about the great deals on Rio Sound and Vision.

I get paid to plead and plead what to do

Most recently, Busisoft hired its own product reviewer with the appointment of Canberra-based journalist Stephen Dawson, who has a history of writing reviews for media companies such as Sound & Vision, now owned by Future a UK Media Company.

In an email, Dawson wrote: “I was approached by George Poutakidis (Busisoft and CEO of Addicted To Audio), whom I am sure you all know, to provide content for Addicted to Audio. Of course, this is a commercial website that sells quality gear to Australians, but George has a vision for interesting, useful, and fair content to help potential customers as well as other interested readers. “

An Addicted To Audio review seen by ChannelNews made no mention that he is now employed by the company that published the review.

In another, he raves after examining a pair of Focal headphones distributed by Busisoft and sold by Addicted To Audio. “Maybe once in twenty I’ll be really sad that I have to return the test product. And I’d estimate I’ve reviewed around three thousand products over the years, so being able to buy that five percent wasn’t actually an option. The Focal Celestee headphones are headphones that I’ll be really sad to say about disconnecting. Find a dealer that sells Focal Celestee headphones and see for yourself. Don’t forget to bring your favorite music with you, and so much the better if you can use a high quality digital audio player. “

A former audio product supplier to Dawson said, “We gave this guy our last product for review.”

See Focal Review here.

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