Lawyer Behind Lawsuits Towards Ochsner Lafayette Basic, Lourdes Vaccine Mandates Explains Office Restrictions vs. Staff’ Rights – KLFY

Lafayette, La. (KLFY) The attorney who wrote the lawsuits against Our Lady of Lourdes and Ochsner Lafayette’s vaccine mandates explains why 80 Acadiana employees are against mandatory vaccination.

The 20-page lawsuit states that their objection is not directed against the COVID vaccines, but against the mandate itself. The litigation against the hospital systems’ separate vaccine mandates states that it concerns “two important principles, one a matter of Consolidated Louisiana Law and Two Matter of Scientific Consensus ”.

Attorney Jimmy R. Faircloth Jr. represents the plaintiff and says the first one concerns him first and foremost.

He said, “Ultimately, you have an equalization competition. It is the rights of these workers that are constitutionally enshrined in this case, as opposed to the employer’s rights to impose job restrictions, and ultimately you have a directive here that has nothing to do with occupational safety. “

The lawsuit backs up the claim with multiple references, including CDC guidelines issued last month which state “Fully vaccinated people with breakthrough Delta variant infections can spread the virus”.

“Employers who thought they would make the decision based on that at some point, preventing a transfer and making the workplace safer, must now realize that it really is not. So they have to find another reason to claim why I’m doing this, and they resort to two things: first, we try to protect you from themselves, which they can’t, and second, we try this great public one Participating in policies that are good for all of us and not a safety issue, ”argued Faircloth.

The lawsuit also questions why remote workers also need to take the vaccine when it comes to workplace safety.

Faircloth told News 10, “These are not reasonable job restrictions. That is the bottom line. “

Over 80 health care workers have their names attached to each lawsuit. Her lawsuit argues “a private employer’s good intentions to influence public order – right”
or wrong – must give in to the basic rights of its employees to make their own decisions in the health sector. “

Faircloth concluded, “This is why I think employers ultimately lose because I think that the worker’s fundamental right in these circumstances outweighs the employer’s interest in participating in a major public crusade.”

You can read the Ochsner Lafayette general vaccine mandate announcement, FAQs and guidelines, as well as the FAQs on Our Lady of Lourdes in the links provided.

Faircloth said the first hearing will be held in the 15th district court on Thursday at 1 p.m. It should last until Friday.

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