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If you read James Lynden’s letter from the Sunday OBSERVER, you get the feeling that something went wrong during the retreat in Fredonia Village in April. What exactly happened there from the other four curators present was not discussed.

Lynden is apparently the only one who wants to make the discussion public.

One thing is obvious, however. There were discussions – that had to be done in public – about the village charter. That can come tonight, maybe not.

What is even more frightening is that, according to Lynden’s letter from the village attorney, the discussion behind closed doors has the backing. The emails that Lynden enclosed with his letter indicated that a solution had to be found quickly.

In a way, this group of lawyers hired by the village believe that it is okay for government officials to speak illegally about public matters in front of closed doors. This is a real cause for concern.

Retreats paid for by village taxpayers must be fully disclosed. Without Lynden’s letter there is none of it here.

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