Former College of Minnesota Sue College hockey participant, sexual assault coach

The lawsuit alleges that Thomas Adrahtas, a one-time hockey coach in the mid-1980s, engaged in sexual acts on blindfolded athletes while pretending to be a woman.

Five former University of Minnesota have filed sexual assault lawsuits against the school and former hockey coach Thomas “Chico” Adrahtas.

The Star-Tribune reports that the lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Minnesota earlier this week.

In the lawsuit, former ice hockey players, along with recruit Mike Sacks, allege that Adrahtas regularly blindfolded his players and led them to believe that a woman named “Sheila” had sex with them.

The other plaintiffs, according to the Star Tribune, are Christopher Jensen, Brent Cary, Benjamin Cole and Kelly Gee.

Sacks claims he told former university athletics director Paul Giel about the abuse, but Giel never managed to alert law enforcement or take disciplinary action. Instead, Giel passed the report on to the school’s Board of Regents, which had nothing to do with the complaint.

The University of Minnesota Sign. Image via Wikimedia Commons / User: AlexiusHoratius. (CCA-BY-3.0-Unported). No changes made.

“Paul Giel, the sports division, UMN and his board of directors have worked out a plan to hide the criminal activities of the Defendant Adrahtas in order to avoid negative press and exposure to civil liability and criminal charges,” the lawsuit alleges.

According to the lawsuit, the University of Minnesota had planned a retaliatory plan to save the face: He would fire head hockey coach Brad Buetow without warning, allow Adrahtas to resign, and Sacks retire from the hockey program just months after he offered a full athletic scholarship .

“I had friends one day and not the next day,” Sacks said on Friday. “I had to deal with it, why did hockey accuse me if I didn’t do anything wrong? Why didn’t hockey protect me? You have protected yourself and the institution. “

The lawsuit suggests that Adrahtas not only sexually assaulted his recruits and players, but invited others to participate.

Adrahtas, recalls the complaint, had told the hockey players that “Sheila” gave “the best oral sex” they would ever have, but was unattractive and had been sexually assaulted once – so she would only be comfortable with the athlete blindfolded.

While Adrahtas himself would sexually assault the men, he allegedly accepted payments from other adults in order to take on the role of “Sheila”.

Although the university has not yet commented on the pending litigation, the school hired a law firm last year to investigate allegations against Adrahtas and the university.

The Star-Tribune notes that the law firm Perkins Cole “established that allegations of sexual abuse … were known to people in the university’s sports department at or about the time the former assistant coach left the university.”

“Despite this knowledge, the evidence available shows that the university has not taken any action to investigate the allegations at this point,” Perks Cole said in explanation. “This university is responsible for this failure.”


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