El Paso attorney Georgette Kaufmann killed by Joseph Angel Alvarez in an ambush over “Satanic Abortion”, Cops Allege – The Every day Beast

A man accused of fatally shot and killed an El Paso lawyer and injuring her husband was arrested this week after chasing the couple in their home for “satanic activities” including “magic” abortions in a close proximity to exterminate the park.

Police are now holding Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, in El Paso County Jail on a $ 2.5 million bond after a SWAT team and detectives confirmed him outside of his job at a Papa John’s pizza she in a press release on Wednesday.

Alvarez was arrested in connection with the shooting of lawyers Georgette Kaufmann, 50, and Daniel Kaufmann, 47, confirmed by El Paso police officers. According to an obituary, Georgette served in the Texas Attorney General’s office for seven years as an assistant attorney general in the El Paso child support division.

On the evening of November 14th last year, officers came on a call to shoot and found Daniel Kaufmann with gunshot wounds in a nearby residential building. After a search of the area, the police discovered his wife’s body.

According to court documents obtained from the El Paso Times, Alvarez said he was “leading and destroying the pro-choice Jewish Satan worshipers” when he entered the Kaufmanns house and ambushed Georgette Kaufmann before attempting to break into the house and shoot her husband.

Alvarez reportedly targeted a cluster of four houses, which included the Kaufmanns, because of their proximity to a local park. Police said on an affidavit that the suspect committed the crimes because he believed the four houses were involved in “satanic activities” related to Memorial Park.

Following the murder, police investigators said they discovered a message Alvarez apparently wrote to a U.S. Army email address describing extremist beliefs, including photos of houses near the park and pictures of the Ascension of his victims, it says in the affidavit by KFOX.

Alvarez said in the email that Memorial Park was the site of “ritualistic satanic soil for magical abortions,” the outlet reported. In the email, he reportedly also said that he had targeted the Kaufmanns’ house because he believed they had voted for President Joe Biden and had a Biden “flag and a Trump doll hanging”. He also called Pro-Choice people the “Jewish Satanist Party,” the outlet reported.

Police said Alvarez also called in the email that people “stop killing babies,” the El Paso Times reported. Police found that on the night of the alleged murder, another house in the targeted block had Democratic and LGBTQ signs on the front yard, cell phone data from investigators show.

On the night of the attack around 7:35 p.m., police said Alvarez shot Georgette Kaufmann through a detached garage door when she got home and then tried to open a door to the couple’s home.

According to police, Daniel Kaufmann heard noises at the door and was allegedly shot by the suspect as he walked to the back door. Alvarez fled the scene, police said, and Daniel Kaufmann somehow managed to get to a neighbor’s house to dial 911.

Daniel Kaufmann told KFOX that he had been shot five times and was hit in the head, shoulder and wrist. The shooter missed twice, he said.

The emergency services later found him wounded in the neighbour’s house, the police said. His wife’s body was found in the garage.

According to the El Paso Times, police also identified a Facebook page, allegedly owned by Alvarez, where he talked about being fired from an airport job. In the affidavit, police wrote that he was fired after following and confronting a colleague when she got out of her car, similar to “Georgette Kaufmann was approached and murdered when she got out of her vehicle and through the driver’s door. ”

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