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ALBANY – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attorney is back on the attack, claiming again the damning report that led to his demise was biased and cryptically warned others that they might suffer a similar fate.

Attorney Rita Glavin sent a letter to lawmakers Friday addressing many of Cuomo’s arguments and allegations of innocence, despite resigning in August on allegations of sexual harassment. Glavin again castigates Attorney General James’ investigation into her client’s alleged behavior.

In the letter, Glavin warns lawmakers that should the congregation “follow this false narrative, you will create a new standard of sexual harassment by which every member of the legislature must be ready to be judged”.

Investigators working under James made dozen of allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment against the disgraced Democrat by several women.

The letter comes as the congregation prepares to release the results of their abandoned impeachment proceedings, which are expected to support many of the allegations described in James’ report.

Legislature, which cut its workload following Cuomo’s resignation, also investigated several other scandals the government had caught, including allegations that the governor’s family and employees were given preferential treatment in COVID-19 tests, as well as issues related to the Aug. , $ 1 million of the former governor’s book on pandemic.

Glavin claims that time records show that Cuomo employees who assisted him with the tome did so in their spare time, arguing that legislature staff often participate in fundraising and campaigning activities during the working day.

The letter, addressed to the Chairman of the Congregation’s Judiciary Committee, Charles Lavine, a Democrat, and attorneys working for the panel, again questions the credibility and motivation of several of Cuomo’s prosecutors.

Cuomo claims he didn’t do anything wrong, saying he resigned only to avoid an impeachment process that could have embroiled Albany for months.

Democratic Assembly spokesman Carl Heastie said in August that lawmakers had uncovered “credible evidence relating to the allegations made about the governor.”

Cuomo and his lawyers have repeatedly portrayed his doom as a result of James’ political ambition, arguing that the investigation was staged to improve their own prospects as governor.

In the latest letter, Glavin suggests that James’s recent comments suggest that the state’s chief prosecutor was personally involved in the investigation, which was supposed to be conducted independently.

There are “new questions about whether the AG violated the terms of the referral to their office,” writes Glavin, referring to comments made by James at a recent dinner for the Ulster County Democratic Committee.

“When they came into my office and told me that Albany was toxic … how they were molested … I believed them because they were specific,” James said of Cuomo’s accuser.

Glavin argues that the comments indicate that James “did not hand over the leadership of this investigation to an” independent “law firm to conduct the investigation, as required by the terms of the March 1 referral.”

James and Lavine’s representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

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