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District officials on Monday approved a resolution calling on the state general assembly to pass a private act next year that will officially create the Washington County District Attorney’s office.

The measure was adopted with a two-thirds majority of 10: 3 in the absence of two members.

The commissioners passed a resolution last year mandating District Attorney Allyson Wilkinson with this task. However, they have since learned that commissioners have no authority to appoint Wilkinson or anyone else to serve as official district attorney.

These specific provisions were removed years ago by previous decisions dealing with the legal representation of the county on a contact basis.

While some counties, such as Sullivan County, allow voters to vote, most of Tennessee’s 95 counties give their county boards the power to appoint a district attorney.

The Washington County’s private act will do the same. The measure is now going to the legislative delegation of the county in Nashville for vote by the general assembly.

“The process should be such that the Mayor of Washington County makes a recommendation to the county commission and the county commission receives additional nominations from the plenary and decides by a majority who to appoint or vote,” says the resolution. “If the district mayor does not make a recommendation that the district commission considers to be timely, the district commission can accept nominations from the plenary of a regular or convened meeting and appoint or vote from these nominations.

“The district commission can vote at any time with a two-thirds majority (2/3) of the district commission on the dismissal of a district attorney, regardless of any written or oral agreement to the contrary. The terms, term, and duties of the county attorney’s office are set out in a written agreement approved by the county commission. “

The appointed district attorney’s duties are the same as Wilkinson is now performing. This includes attending all sessions of the District Commission and providing “advice on legal matters that arise during such sessions, as well as providing legal advice, legal opinions and other legal services to the District and its officials, departments, offices, and committees Commissions “. and take care of the county’s day-to-day legal affairs and manage the county’s legal department, ”the resolution said.

The district attorney is also required to represent Washington County in all district litigation and defend Washington County in “any lawsuit brought against the county or any of its departments, offices, boards of directors, commissions and employees.”

CEO Greg Matherly and Commissioner Kent Harris told their colleagues they were pleased with Wilkinson’s performance as district attorney.

In other business Monday:

• The commissioners heard from Wilkinson an update on the status of the zoning dispute over a Bitcoin mining operation in the Limestone community. She said the county dropped its restraining order against BrightRidge in favor of starting the year Washington CountyChancery Court on March 14th.

She also notified the commissioners that Red Dog Technologies LLC had become a co-defendant and counter-plaintiff in the civil suit. Red Dog is suing the county for $ 41 million.

• Commissioners approved a motion by the county school system to spend educational funds on the purchase and installation of basketball goals in the gyms at Daniel Boone and David Crockett High Schools. The allocation cannot exceed $ 130,000 as reflected in the system’s approved five-year investment plan.

• Commissioners passed a resolution authorizing up to $ 10,000 to be spent on prep work on the Boones Creek School sports field.

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