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District Attorney Dan Dow.

– The California Attorney General’s office, Xavier Becerra, appealed last week an order from the judge banning the San Luis Obispo prosecutor from prosecuting Tianna Arrata and several other defendants. Arrata and the defendants allegedly committed crimes during a protest in San Luis Obispo in July.

Some of the documents read: “T.he Lawyer General of the Status of California appeals according to punishment code section 1424, Subdivision (a) (1) and (2), and in accordance With section 1466, Subdivision (a) (1) to the Appeal division of the San Luis Obispo district Supreme Court, of the dish December 11 2020 assignment reuse the San Luis Obispo district District Attorney’s Office … “

In December, Judge Matthew Guerrero disqualified San Luis Obispo District Attorney Dan Dow and his office. Recalling a September 4 donation email sent by Dow and his wife, paid for through his re-election campaign seeking financial donations, he said Dow was “leading the fight” against the ” Crazy Defund the Police and the Social Justice Movement, reports say. This email was sent just days after his office was charged with alleged protest organizer Tianna Arrata.

Following the decision, Dow said, “I respectfully and resolutely disagree with Judge Guerrero’s findings and the decision to prevent the District Attorney from pursuing criminal activity during the protests this summer. The law makes it clear that there must be an actual conflict of interest in order for a district attorney to be reused, and that the conflict must be serious enough that the accused is unlikely to be treated fairly in all parts of the criminal case. In this case there is absolutely no conflict. “

This month’s filings “will begin a procedural timetable with specific dates by which all parties will have to file written pleadings with legal points and arguments,” says Dow. The documents ask that the appeals in both cases for offenses and criminal offenses are summarized and heard by a body.

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