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Biglaw firms merge, ULTIMATE misses the branding alternative

The Biglaw merger between Holland & Knight and Thompson & Knight, announced in April, was agreed by both companies. The binding is scheduled for August 1st. The new company even has a name – Holland & Knight.

Well, hopes the new mega company will pass the catchy Knight & Knight. Or even Knight Law. It was always a long way from each of the second-named partners somehow appeared at the top of the imprint due to a peculiarity of the merger partner, but those who imagine new and fun branding opportunities can still dream.

The joint declaration of the companies on the merger:

Holland & Knight and Thompson & Knight have agreed to merge on or around August 1, 2021. The combined company will operate under the name Holland & Knight. It will have around 1,600 lawyers and other professionals in 30 offices around the world. The announcement follows the positive votes of the Holland & Knight Directors Committee and the Thompson & Knight partnership, and the signing of a definitive merger agreement by both companies. More information about the merged company will be released upon completion of the merger.

And another advantage of the merger: increasing 2Ls will no longer confuse the two & Knight companies embarrassingly.

Nicely done.

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