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GOLDEN, color (CBS4)– Jennifer Emmi, a noted Colorado animal rights attorney and media personality, has reached a settlement with Jefferson County attorneys. Emmi, 43, was jailed in Jefferson County in January after she was charged with hiring a hitman to murder her husband’s girlfriend.

Jennifer Emmi

Jennifer Emmi (credit: Jefferson County)

Emmi has been accused of asking a man who worked on her evergreen ranch to look after her husband’s girlfriend. She was held in Jefferson County Jail on a $ 3 million bond.

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Court files show that Emmi pleaded guilty several times in the case on June 28 and that numerous other crimes and offenses were dismissed by the public prosecutor’s office.

Michael Teague, a spokesman for the Jefferson County District Attorney, told CBS4 that Emmi pleaded guilty:

Asking for second degree murder, retaliation against witnesses or victims, stalking – threats – communication – violation of the protection order

In return, numerous other charges were dropped.

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Emmi’s attorney Colin Bresee told CBS4 Tuesday afternoon that Emmi “believed it would be in her best interests and help her reintegrate into the community and her children’s lives” if she agreed to the deal.

Bresee continued, “She hopes she will get a suspended sentence,” but he expects prosecutors to request a prison sentence.

Emmi was known as an animal rights activist and hosted a Facebook program about animals. She founded the Animal Law Center and after her arrest told a reporter in Denver, “I was set up and I was set up repeatedly. All I can say is that I want the truth to come out. The whole thing is crazy. I don’t want to hurt anyone. “

The conviction in the case is scheduled for August 16.

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