35 attorneys basic say the general public needs to be shielded from robocalls – Eyewitness Information (WEHT / WTVW)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (WEHT) – Attorney General Todd Rokita is leading a multi-stage effort to overturn a federal court ruling and ensure attorneys general can effectively combat robocalls.

35 attorneys general, including Illinois AG’s Kwame Raoul, are part of a bipartisan coalition led by Attorney General Rokita and North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein. Contrary to the decision of a federal district court, the participating states briefly argued that the Robocall ban of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act could be enforced from 2015 to 2020.

In 2015, an “Exception for National Debt” was signed, which allowed calls and texts to collect debts from the federal government. This exception was separated from the TCPA and declared invalid by the US Supreme Court in 2020.

Later, a district court ruled that the “State Debt Exemption” contaminated all of the TCPA and therefore the TCPA could not be used to hold Robocaller accountable between 2015 and 2020.

The bipartisan coalition argues that the rest of the TCPA, with the exception of the national debt, can and must be maintained in order for it to be enforced.

(This story was originally published on February 2, 2021.)

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